Call for Working Group Members

June 16, 2016

The Global Shea Alliance is pleased to announce a call for volunteers for the 2016 Sustainability Working Group (SWG) and Quality Working Group (QWG).

Sustainability Working Group

The SWG is tasked with establishing industry guidelines and work streams that are presented annually to the General Assembly for adoption. The group is comprised of a representative mix of GSA members including women’s groups, non-profits, food and cosmetic brands, and oils and fats suppliers. The 2016 SWG will review and update the existing guidelines and work streams. The GSA is especially interested in members who can present on new research and projects that will determine best practices for the program.

Interested in joining the Sustainability Working Group? Please contact Ms. Sydney Henderson, GSA Sustainability Coordinator, at

Quality Working Group

The QWG will engage national and regional bodies to implement the quality standards adopted by the GSA in 2014.

Interested in joining the Quality Working Group? Please contact GSA Director of Africa Operations, Mr. Aaron Adu, at


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