Matched Grant Call for Proposals for GSA Sustainability Partners

July 14, 2016

In partnership with the US Agency for International Development, the Global Shea Alliance (GSA) is launching a five-year, $3,000,000 USD matching grant fund to support the implementation of GSA sustainability work streams: (1) warehouses for women shea collectors; (2) capacity building and business training for women’s groups receiving warehouses; (3) health and safety pilot projects; (4) research and development of planting materials; (5) parkland management trainings for shea communities; and (6) conservation pilot projects.

The GSA seeks proposals that address all six work streams, and proposes the use of matched funding for work streams 2, 5, and 6. Through the distribution of these funds, the GSA will develop collaborations amongst registered sustainability partners including women’s groups, food and cosmetic brands, suppliers, and NGOs in order to develop synergies across work streams, leverage public and private funding, and ensure market access for women’s groups.

The Call for Proposals document can be found above. The Statement of Interest response form to the call for proposals can be found here.

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