The Women's Gold Rush: Tapping the Benefits of Shea in Cosmetics Products

Shea has emerged as a highly-valued ingredient in food and cosmetics with international demand doubling over the last decade. In cosmetics, shea is currently a top 20 ingredient in new product launches and is utilized 300% more as an emollient than any other vegetable oil. This versatile ingredient uniquely connects women across the globe. 

Women consumers have discovered this natural oil and are driving shea sales in cosmetic products. Meanwhile, the ripple effect is being felt thousands of miles away. Rural women whose livelihoods are dependent on the shea market benefit by having financial independence and an improved social standing in their communities. 


From Seed to Skin

Shea has gained a firm foothold in the cosmetic industry. Recent innovations and highly functional derivatives are now being introduced into cosmetic products with strong consumer appeal. Participants will discuss new trends and advancement in cosmetic formulation and explore latest technologies.

Think Beauty, Think Green 

Over 16 million women shea collectors benefit from the increased consumption of shea. Shea processing provides a means for rural women to support their families and improve their livelihoods. Empowering women collectors and protecting the shea resources is critical to ensuring a sustainable supply. Participants will discuss shea industry sustainability challenges, identify KPIs related to sustainable sourcing and establish relationships to industry targets.

DIT - Doing It Together 

Over 430 GSA members across 31 countries have banded together in an effort to promote industry sustainability, quality practices and standards, and demand for shea. Current GSA members will present adopted guidelines and projects that are driving progressive action in sustainable production. Participants will discuss a “call to action” to provide greater support to shea producing communities.

The conference will be hosted by Sidley Austin LLP at 787 Seventh Avenue, New York, N.Y. Registration fee is $75. You may register online here or by emailing Wunmi Osholake at