Amssan Dzifanou Johnson

Member since March 2012




An exporter of shea nuts and cashew nuts since 2001, DZIFANOU GROUP has decided to transform a little part of its exporting nuts into butter for added value but also to help communities where shea is harvested in Togo. This helps women to get job and ameliorate their livings. Since 2007, we became the biggest producer in terms of quality and quantity of unrefined natural shea butter for edible and cosmetic industries in Togo with about 70 women and 8 men employed all region involved. Mechanization is at hand for the beginning of year 2014 with 300 liters per hour to increase production capabilities.

Mission Statement: Help communities around production areas to grow, to protect the shea trees, and profit durably from the exploitation from it.

Organizational Goals: Profit from the shea sector with reliable buyers in USA, Europe, China, India, Canada, Brazil, South-Africa, Central Africa, etc.




National shipping
Crude – selling bulk shea butter
Shea nut distributor for edible products
Shea nut distributor for personal care/ cosmetic products
Not certified organic
fair trade
other certification
Hand-crafted extraction