Field Story: Making Shea Collection Safer for Women

In preparation for this year's shea season, GSA sustainability partner, SNV; (Netherlands Development Organisation) provided access to over 1,500 "shea rollers" for women collectors at subsidized prices in the three northern regions of Ghana. The project is in partnership with Sundial Brands Community Commerce programs, through The Sofi Tucker Foundation.

The "shea roller" (seen demonstrated) is a wire basket affixed to a wooden handle that scoops and holds shea fruits as it rolls along the ground. The roller has also been introduced to women in other countries, including Benin, Burkina Faso and Cote’d’Ivoire by other GSA sustainability partners. Members report the innovation results in reduced incidents of snake bites, backaches and waist pains, as well as increase in the quantity of fruits collected.  

The activity aligns to the GSA sustainability program work stream number three, “pilot projects to improve health and safety of women shea collectors.” GSA members in seven West African countries are implementing a variety of innovations to improve working conditions for women shea collectors and processors. Read more about GSA's sustainabiliy program here.